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[ENG TRANSL] Ahn Hyo Seop - Zenith (2017) Interview

September 14, 2017

[Interview Portion]

Q: How was the photo shoot today?

A: It was so much fun. I think I did all the concepts I wanted to do during this photoshoot. I especially like the one in front of the neon sign. Actually, I also wanted to try the concept of pretending to be cool (laughs).

Q: But why were you being shy during the photoshoot?

A: Ha ha. I did want to do it, but when I got to actually doing it, I felt shy. However, I still did my best.

Q: Recently, My Father is Strange has ended. It seems your thoughts would be different.

A: It hasn’t been long since filming ended, so it hasn’t hit me yet. First of all, I became attached to the senior and veteran actors, and onsite staff who I worked with for 7 months, and it’s sad that I can’t see them anymore. In terms of the drama, I could see what I lacked while I was monitoring. I regretted the way I acted and thought, “I should’ve done this instead.” On the other hand, I feel satisfied that the drama ended well without any problems.

Q: How would you rate your acting as Chul Soo in My Father is Strange?

A: I’ll generously give myself a 5 out of 10. There were difficulties in trying to express through acting the Chul Soo that I had in mind. It’s a drama that makes me look back at what parts I was lacking.

Q: Park Chul Soo was a soccer coach.

A: Yes. I love soccer. Up until middle school, I was a part of the school’s soccer club. However, when I tried to express myself as a soccer coach, I found it difficult. So I did a lot of research. I watched soccer videos, and I even visited a soccer coach and observed them. I focused a lot on the coach’s behavior and habits.

Q: Do you have any similarities with Chul Soo?

A: I think Chul Soo is really an amazing person. I learned a lot from him. I liked his persistence and passion for his work and the way he wasn’t embarrassed to talk about his dream of being a soccer coach. I have a lot of similarities with Chul Soo. I immigrated to Canada at a young age with my parents. While attending school there, I dreamed of being an actor and came back to Korea against my parents’ opposition. I started acting with difficulty, and I’m doing my best because I love acting, so I thought, “Was I as passionate as Chul Soo?” It stirred something in me, and I got to reflect on myself. While thinking about it, I was able to unconsciously immerse myself in acting. Well, to point out a difference between Chul Soo and me, he is a simpleton who doesn’t know anything. But I’m not like that, so I think I’m better than him. (laughs)

Q: Any memorable scene you did while filming?

A: I have a lot of scenes hiding in the night duty room, or being on the soccer field. So I think I met all the other senior actors in the wedding scene at the end. (laughs). The wedding scene, which was filmed with everyone present, was the most memorable.

Q: How was your couple chemistry with Hwa Young?

A: Hwa Young is a very bright person. She’s always friendly towards me, so we filmed comfortably. I’m very grateful to her.

Q: Through My Father is Strange, you gained the keywords “Boyfriend-like photos” and “A standard for a handsome man”.

A: When I first heard about that, I thought, “Me? Why?” (laughs). I’m thankful, but it’s also pressuring. However, as much as they shower me with good words, I have to do better.

Q: Do you like those modifiers?

A: Ha ha. Is there anyone who’d hate them? I love them. In order to uphold the modifier “Boyfriend-like photos”, I’ll do my best to take more selfies (laughs).

Q: Do you have any fashion tips for a boyfriend-like photo?

A: I never thought I was good at dressing up. I think I’m just clear about what fashion style I like. I love the vintage style. I like loose-fitting styles rather than putting on a full-on get-up.

Q: I heard you take really good care of your skin.

A: Oh my, how did you know? That’s amazing. Not a lot of people know this (laughs). I don’t think expensive cosmetics are a good thing. I think of the ones that fit me, and don’t irritate my skin as good products. So I think it’s most important to find the right products for you. Also, recently, I installed a vitamin shower head. It has a built-in vitamin cartridge, so it smells good and helps regenerate the skin. I’m very satisfied with it, and I’m using it well. I highly recommend it!

Q: I’m curious about Ahn Hyo Seop’s role model.

A: Rather than being role models, there are many senior actors I want to resemble. If I have to pick among them, I want to be like Sung Dong Il. I love his naturalness and acting skills, including his comedic acting and unique adlibs. I always watch Sung Dong Il’s works. I hope I can get to work with him if given the chance.

Q: A lot of women are curious, what’s Ahn Hyo Seop’s ideal type?

A: I like someone who’s good at communicating. It may be a lie to say that I don’t look at the outer appearance, but communication comes first. And if you ask about external appearance, I like someone with good-natured eyes. Regardless of whether they’re beautiful or not, kind-looking eyes capture my attention.

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