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[ENG TRANSL] Na In Woo - StarNews Part 3 (2022) Interview

February 14, 2022

Disclaimer: Article is roughly translated. It may contain inaccuracies. Please pardon any mistakes.

[Interview Portion]

Q: When did you dream of becoming an actor? I heard it was after you watched the drama I’m Sorry, I Love You?

Na In Woo: I think I had that thought at such a young age. It’s like wanting to be a pro gamer because it looks cool. I watched the drama thinking, “Wow, So Jisub is so cool. Lim Soojung is so pretty.” I was 12 years old at that time. I’m a bit of a fanatic myself, ever since I was young. In Rustic Period when the people would bleed while fighting, I would also be on my bed fighting alone with ice in my mouth, and (pretending to) faint. When you have ice in your mouth, it can flow (down your lips) as if you’re bleeding. (laughs).

Q: When did you officially start acting?

Na In Woo: When I was 19 years old. It was the time to think about a career path. I was asked to go to CUBE. I was at JYP then, and I thought things will work out if I only do what I’m told to do. But that wasn’t the case. I was immature. I wasn’t doing well, so I left after a year, and I focused on my studies.

[Na In Woo graduated from Kyungil Tourism Management High School (?). He said, “When people see me, they feel happy, so I thought of studying service and hotel management. I already took the entrance exam for hotel management major.” Then, suddenly, he applied for an acting part at CUBE Entertainment through an introduction by an acquaintance. And vaguely walked the path of an actor, that he dreamed of.

“Usually, I would film acting videos only because my superiors have to watch them. I would pick scenes I can work with after a long time, and prepare 2... and I found that fun. Something would come up at the back of my head. I was stressing out, but it was fun, because after a long time, I stopped thinking about giving up. I did go to CUBE with the mindset of giving up. I learned, and in the process, I developed a firm mind.”]

Q: Your next work is The Jinx’s Lover. What kind of image do you think you’ll show?

Na In Woo: My character lives with guilt. I want to express well the process of (my character) finding someone and overcoming that guilt, because that’s where I put the most emphasis on. In the process of changing due to someone, there is pain, sadness, and happiness. I tried to express that process in detail.

Q: Is there something you want to do?

Na In Woo: I want to play guitar well. I also want to learn golf. Right now, I’m doing what I’ve been putting off. For example, there were many things in the past I wanted to learn on my own. I tried drawing, and I know a bit of it, but I couldn’t fulfill my greed. I want to do well, but there’s so much I want to do, so I became determined. After realizing that there are things I can’t do, I once again realized the beauty of learning things with a humble attitude.

Q: Is there anything specific you want to learn?

Na In Woo: I was learning golf on my own, but now I’m taking lessons. I was also learning guitar on my own, but now I’m learning from a really good teacher who I admired since I was young. When I can play better later on, I want to have a concert, as a session.

Q: You became a new member of 1 Night 2 Days, how was your first filming?

Na In Woo: I was half-nervous, half-excited, but when I got there, everyone took care of me. Thanks to them, my natural comfortable self came out.

Q: How’s your chemistry with the members? Who took care of you the most?

Na In Woo: Although I showed my flaws, I’m grateful that the members filled them up. They took care of me in their own way, so I couldn’t pick one.

Q: If you can pick someone you have the best chemistry with?

Na In Woo: I think I resemble Jongmin hyung the most, so I think we’ll have great chemistry.

Q: Is there someone you want to resemble as an actor?

Na In Woo: At first, there was no one I wanted to resemble, but I found one after so many people kept asking me. I thought about a really cool and respectful person, and I wanted to be like Kim Rae Won. But after thinking for awhile, I realized I didn’t know myself. During my early interviews, I said I wanted to resemble myself. But right now, there’s no one. I think I need to know myself more for me to have one. I think I’m in a transition period. I might think of someone after further research.

— END —

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