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[ENG TRANSL] Na In Woo - Star News Part 2 (2022) Interview

February 14, 2022

Disclaimer: Article is roughly translated. It may contain inaccuracies. Please pardon any mistakes.

[Interview Portion]

Q: I’m curious as to how you got casted for River Where The Moon Rises. Didn’t you think about it when you first received the offer?

Na Inwoo: First off, they told me to take a look at the script first. Then I told the director to “Give me time.” I read the script for about an hour, then I sighed and thought, “This isn’t easy...” However, the production team offered me the role, so there’s definitely a reason why. “Right, I’ll do as much as I can,” I said.

Q: Was there something that caught your eye while reading the script?

Na Inwoo: The character itself is charming, and I thought, “There’re many things I can show.” Everyone can have a different interpretation of the character, and I think this was a character I can do anything with.

Q: But still, you suddenly had to go in. So it could’ve been a difficult decision to make.

Na Inwoo: I was flustered. The script was already completed, and I had to decide quickly after reading only the first part. That day, I stayed up all night reading the script, then I attended the meeting the next day, and then on the next day, I started filming. And then I continued staying up all night.

Q: You became On Dal in two days.

Na Inwoo: Yes. But I think I was lucky. Viewers said I was a perfect match for the character, but I think it was luck.

Q: Because the actor suddenly changed, so it seems like the viewers felt the difference, but the character suit you so well.

Na Inwoo: Every actor has their own color. There are pros and cons, and I think my attributes could’ve been integrated with the On Dal.

Q: Did you experience any difficulties?

Na Inwoo: All of it. Because I was doing other things too... Wow... I still feel dizzy (thinking about it). First of all, for River Where The Moon Rises, I had to start at 5 A.M to get to the set by 7 A.M and get my costume and makeup done before filming for the first call. I would continuously film until 10-11 P.M, then I would go to another location for a different shoot. I’d then go home, take a shower, and go out once more. I repeated this everyday. Also, I didn’t have time to sleep because there was so much to film. So I kept reading the script, then shoot, read and shoot. It really felt like a dream.

Q: How did you memorize your lines in such a short time?

Na Inwoo: I don’t know. Everyone trusted me and took care of me, so I was able to do it. Even if I made a mistake, they covered it up for me. Since the first shoot, I felt that I was receiving love. Of course, Sohyun was there too, and the senior actors were there as well. Everyone cheered each other up. That’s why I was able to do it.

Q: Did you do many adlibs as well?

Na Inwoo: I did it in every scene. I would throw an adlib every time I couldn’t remember my lines. They went well with the scene so the director mostly liked it. There were many things I can show with this character, so I did everything that I could.

Q: How was your chemistry with Kim Sohyun who acted as Pyeong Gang?

Na Inwoo: It was already great on the first day. Because no matter how I acted, she would respond to everything. Even when I was nervous, I thought, “She is relaxed and has the capability to lead, and that’s why she is where she is right now.” I met Sohyun before, and while talking about it, I told her, “Sohyun, I’ll just trust in you and follow your lead.” There was also camaraderie, since we were under a difficult situation. It must have been hard for Sohyun and the other actors to film the same thing again.

Q: Which project did you work with Kim Sohyun?

Na Inwoo: It wasn’t a project. Long time ago, Sohyun was working out at a gym, and the trainer there introduced us together. I can’t believe she remembers that.

Q: Didn’t you feel awkward filming a kiss scene with Kim Sohyun on your first day?

Na Inwoo: It didn’t feel awkward. Since it was a battlefield. (laughs) So I think that’s why we had great teamwork. I couldn’t think of anything else, and Sohyun is such a veteran actor.

Q: You probably gained more fans through the drama.

Na Inwoo: I really don’t know. Fans’ love is this huge. So whether the number of fans is big or small, I don’t think the amount of love changes just because I gained more fans.

Q: ‘GoDiBa’ (Goguryeo’s Biggest Fool), ‘JunBa’ (A fool who’s always ready), etc. You gained a lot of nicknames. What’s your favorite nickname?

Na Inwoo: ‘GoDiBa.’ It sounds luxurious. I’m very grateful to be able to become a character from a Goguryeo folktale. Of course, I’m also grateful to my other projects...I’m especially grateful for the public’s interest.

Q: Were there some parts you particularly paid close attention to while acting as On Dal?

Na Inwoo: The clear difference. I interpreted the character as a fool who chose to be a fool, not because he was one. Just like how a man shows a different side when working, I tried to show different charms of On Dal when he was with the villagers, when he became a general, and when he entered the palace.

— Continue on Part 3 —

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