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[ENG TRANSL] Seol In Ah - NewsEn (2016) Interview

January 16, 2016

Disclaimer: Article is roughly translated. It may contain inaccuracies. Please pardon any mistakes.


Seol In Ah, “IU’s anti fan in The Producers, in reality..”

She’s cheerful and healthy. You know what she’s thinking at a glance. Rookie Seol In Ah (20)’s seven-color spectrum along with her 2016 schedule.

RED - Last year, I made my debut as IU’s high school anti fan in the KBS Drama, The Producers. It was a small scene with IU and Roy Kim. I’m a fan of IU’s songs, and to act as her anti fan, I felt bad, and also happy. While acting, my cheeks went red, and my heart was pounding!

ORANGE - I’m confident in dancing. I started as an idol trainee in middle school. I wanted to showcase my talents, rather than having the goal of debuting as a singer. I did various fashion magazine photoshoots, and in high school, I appeared in musicals at Seoul University of the Arts, and short films at Kwangwoon University.

YELLOW - I love the song “Yellow” by Coldplay. I originally loved the song, but I listened to it more often when it was used as an OST in the movie Boyhood. I still remember the scene where this song was played. Oh, and Chris Martin! He looks really cool when singing.

GREEN - Diet? I’ve been on a diet. I like to eat a lot, and I’m also very active, so I prefer losing weight by moving my body instead of thoughtlessly starving myself. Actually, people around me tell me to lose more weight, but since I’m optimistic, so I’m just laid-back.

BLUE - I like Song Yoon Ah the most. I like her acting, mindset, and lifestyle. I haven’t met her personally, but I tend to see her when she appears on TV or on magazines. She’s good at acting, strong-willed, and honest. I want to be a good actor inside and out like Song Yoon Ah.

NAVY - I did taekwondo when I was young, so I’m a third-degree taekwondo player. I think my legs can kick higher than most men. Since I have a boyish personality, navy suits me. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t gotten close to liking the color pink yet. For the sake of various roles, I hope to like it as soon as possible.

PURPLE - It’s been a long time since I became a trainee. I haven’t starred in a huge work yet, but I’m not anxious. I came this far because I prepared diligently than anyone else, so I’m sure there’ll be a good project that suits me. If I get the chance, I’d want to do great, rather than not showing my full potential. So, I’m going to slowly, step-by-step, and I’ll do well. Anything!

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