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[ENG TRANSL] Ahn Hyoseop - One Question, One Answer (2021) Interivew

October 31, 2021

Disclaimer: Article is roughly translated. It may contain inaccuracies. Please pardon any mistakes.

One Question, One Answer

Q: It wasn’t an easy challenge to play 3 roles (Ha Ram, Ilwolseong, and the Demon) with the genre (romance fantasy historical drama) in one. What was the happiest and most difficult thing?

A: Everything felt amazing and new since it was an era I never encountered. It was also a valuable time to learn a new instrument (Geomungo) and do martial arts. Above all, after surviving Ha Ram’s difficult fate, I feel grateful now for that valuable experience. Since each character wasn’t easy, the first thing that comes to mind is are the difficult moments. Putting on the special makeup for a long time, filming long hours with color lenses, expressing emotions without making eye contact with the people I’m having a conversation with, and in the case of Ilwolseong, there were continuous worries about how to draw out many convincing set-ups where I had to hide my face and voice.

Q: In the case of the Demon, how was it acting with a blue screen?

A: It’s my first time working with CG on such a large scale. It was unfamiliar and difficult, but I was also amazed and I had fun, with the expectation of “how it will come out.”

Q: How was the Demon on screen?

A: Since I put on the special makeup for a long time, I only had a rough sketch of what the Demon would look like. However, I couldn’t confirm what I looked like on the broadcast, so I just worked hard. So, I was surprised at the scale of the Demon on screen. I got goosebumps as I thought “That thing was inside me?” But the more I watched, the more I got attached, so I changed my thoughts to “Is this the Demon’s life?” (laughs).

Q: Among the historical dramas aired this year, Lovers of the Red Sky received the highest ratings (Episode 16 had a rating of 10.4%). Apparently, you received the offer when you were doing Dr. Romantic Season 2. It took a long time to prepare, so how did you spend it?

A: It’s similar until the time we started filming. I lived efficiently and diligently before the first filming. However, since the situation made it difficult to communicate with fans outside work, it’s a bummer that the fans’ wait was prolonged as much as the extended rest time.

Q: What’s the most memorable scene in Lovers of the Red Sky?

A: There were a lot of memorable beautiful scenes, but I would say, in Ep10, where Ha Ram wakes up in Cheon Gi’s room, and he carries out an escape operation (?) to go back to his room. Ha Ram, whose life contained darkness until that moment, laughed comfortably like a ray of sunshine, so it was meaningful. The scene was rather strong because there were many heavy instances where I couldn’t approach Cheon Gi. It was also a scene where I had fun acting.

Q: If you were to challenge a role other than Ha Ram among the characters in the drama, who would it be?

A: Ha Ram’s bodyguard, Moo Young. There’s an unexposed narrative between the two. Since Ha Ram protected Moo Young’s family, Moo Young stayed by Ha Ram’s side. Moo Young is an amazing character who has great determination and loyal. The scene in Ep14 where he protects Ha Ram with his life was also touching. Ha Ram has no family left after losing his family at a young age, so if there was someone he would call family, it would be Moo Young. He is the closest person to Ha Ram, and a partner who knows Ha Ram best. I wonder what Ha Ram looks like in such a person’s eyes.

Q: How was your chemistry with Song Won Seok, who played Moo Young? And what are your thoughts on your next drama, A Business Proposal?

A: It was always great to see hyung (Song Won Seok) on the set of Lovers of the Red Sky. Since we had fun on set, I looked forward to our scenes together. If we met him as a bodyguard in Lovers of the Red Sky, we will have a slightly different relationship in A Business Proposal. I’m curious about how our changed relationship will be portrayed, and I have high expectations since I’m the same person, but my role has changed.

Q: How was your chemistry with Director Jang Tae Yoo?

A: I was a fan of his even before I wasn’t an actor yet, so even just working with (him) is an honor and it was amazing. He was someone who I couldn’t dare discuss or evaluate things with, but I could feel the confidence and passion on set as if he was pouring out 200% every moment. It was very cool to watch him draw his own picture with his meticulous and strong leadership, and I’m very grateful.

Q: How was your chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung?

A: She’s a sunbaenim (senior) with a long career and a lot of acting experience, so I was able to learn while acting together. Seeing her laugh and joke around, but change professionally when working was so cool. We talked a lot about Ha Ram and Cheon Gi’s feelings and situations, and it was nice to create a scene together while thinking about it together. It was fun, and I’m thankful.

Q: How was the atmosphere on set?

A: The drama contained a lot of heavy scenes, so the filming was carried out with everyone’s cooperation while being considerate of each other. The seniors and fellow actors all naturally talked about acting, so it was a calm and pleasant filming site. Of course, the seniors and actors had to work well together in various scenes, but we were all considerate with one another so it was good.

Q: What was the most memorable reaction from the people around you or the viewers?

A: Ever since the appearance of the Demon, a lot of people cheered on me saying, “You must have had a hard time,” maybe because of the intense makeup. I’m grateful just for the interest in the drama and for monitoring me. The messages that say, “I’m enjoying it,” also gave me strength.

Q: How will you remember Lovers of the Red Sky? What if you get offered to do it again?

A: I wouldn’t be able to easily decide, but what’s certain, is that it’s a drama that makes me boil with passion when I think about it. Regarding the process, it is a work that I’m grateful for, and it makes me want to compliment myself for completing the long journey without giving up despite the very difficult task.

Q: A word for the viewers and fans of Lovers of the Red Sky?

A: Thank you very much for enjoying (the drama). I would like to express my deep gratitude to the fans for waiting for me through the long break. I hope there will be countless opportunities to meet. I will try to provide an opportunity to meet the fans.

Q: A farewell message to Ha Ram?

A: “Ha Ram, you did a great job. You endured it until the end and you won over fate. Look at all the things you haven’t seen before, especially Cheon Gi. I hope you live happily ever after.”

Q: What’s Ahn Hyo Seop’s next step?

A: To accurately grasp my current work and situation, I’m doing my best to focus honestly on the present. After finishing the fantasy drama Lovers of the Red Sky, I’m currently filming a modern drama called A Business Proposal. I will greet you all as Kang Tae Moo in 2022.

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